MVB to Levi Woodbury, c5 July 1833

MVB to [Levi] Woodbury, [c5 July 1833]

My Dr Sir

I have a letter from my son this morng in which he says, “Young Guert Gansevoort has just called in to say that he has red. orders to repair to the navy yard at Brooklyn. He was frozen on the coast some time ago & is frequently very much incommoded by cold weather. Mrs. Gansevoort is very anxious (& so is Guert) that he would be allowed a birth in the Delaware permanently, if possible or else be attached to some other ship when the Delaware arrives in the Medeteranion. He is a very nice young man—do what you can for him.” Please enable me to say to him what you can do for him. According to promise I remind you <of> the <illegible> of the midshipsman. I would enclose the warrant for young Hunter to his uncle John Hunter <Esqu> Pelham Westchester County & the one for the Irish lad to Dr <McNevin>. If You have room for old Mr Romayns grandson, it would be well recd.

Excuse this <tremble>

& believe me yours cordially

MVan Buren

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