David Wilmot to MVB, 6 October 1847

David Wilmot to MVB, 6 October 1847

Towanda Penna.

Respected Sir;

I take the liberty of sending to you an address recently made before a portion of my constituents. Convinced as I am, that the principle involved in the "Proviso" is right, and that the sanction of Legislative Extenssion is absolutely necessary to preserve the Territory we may acquire, from the in-roads of Slavery, I cannot but hope, that you view it with favour, and at a proper time, and under proper circumstances, will give your opinions to the American people. You Sir, are the only man left to us in the North, to whom we ^can^ look for advice. If we are right, the authority and influence of your great name, will so strengthen the right, and inspire its friends with confidence and courage, as to insure ultimate success. 

Very Respectfully

Your Obt. Servt.

D. Wilmot

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