Nimrod Strickland, George W. Pearce, and Robert Mercer to MVB, 21 August 1844

Nimrod Strickland, Geo[rge] W. Pearce, and Robert Mercer to MVB, 21 August 1844

West Chester Co Penna

Dear Sir

It is concluded upon, to hold at this place on the 5th day of September next, a Grand Mass Meeting of the Democracy of the Eastern Counties of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of forwarding the great principles of Republican Freedom as advocated by the Democratic Party. Our meeting cannot fail to be one of the largest Kind, and it gives us sincere pleasure personally, and upon the behalf of those whom we represent to tender to you a warm and cordial invitation to be with us upon the occasion above alluded to. And although from the declarations made in letters emanating from our pen, we may have but slight hopes of seeing you with us at that time, yet would it appear ungrateful, if we neglected to place your name foremost amongst our Guests whom we ardently hope will be with us.

We can however hope, that if your sense of propriety forbid your personal attendance, the multitude may be permitted to hear something from our stand, which will advocate the true principles of the government, and at the same time add to the enthusiasm which already exists in our midst. Such a tribute to the noble cause coming from you sir, cannot fail to have its effect, for we can assure you that here in our own County of Chester the name of Martin Van Buren has been held in the highest estimation, and his claims upon the country urged with a zeal which never grew cold.

This was but justice to a faithful and well tried public man, who stood up unwavering in the support of principles which we believed to be for the best interests of our glorious country. We rejoice Sir, to see that every day is but adding fresh laurels to the wreath which Fame has woven for your brow, and as Time shall dissipate the mists which prejudice and calumny have vainly strove to throw around your acts, this whole nation cannot refuse to accord to you a place in the history of the country, to which the calumniators of true greatness dare not aspire.

We tender to you in your honorable retirement the feelings of warm and devoted hearts, assuring you that we cherish with grateful recollections the many patriotic efforts you made to carry out the great principles of our Republican institutions and that it shall be our constant endeavour to promote by every legitimate means the best interests of our common country, as advocated by yourself in connexion with the great men who have been elevated by the Democracy to the proud place of President of this glorious Union.

We Remain with the truest

feelings of friendship and regard

Your Obdt Srvts

Nimrod Strickland

Geo. W. Pearce

Robert Mercer

Committee of invitation

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