Alfred Huger to MVB, 18 August 1844

Alfred Huger to MVB, 18 August 1844


My dear Sir,

Mr. John Van Buren desires me to forward these letters to your address and I make available the occasion to send you my most cordial and friendly salutations. You perceive that we are again threatened with "Nullification, secession, and putting the state upon her sovereignty"—but it wont do this time. Our old friend at the Hermitage has settled this, as he had done other important questions, and there is as little probability of the Battle at New Orleans being fought over again, as of this absurdity being <revived>. South Carolina, has done some imprudent things in her day, but the public taste does not call for a second Exhibition of this political farce. The Union Men were as much opposed to the Tariff as the Nullifiers, but they think now as they did then, that a dissolution of the Government is not ^a^ remedy for the Evil—and the "Chivalry of the Country" begin now to adopt the same belief.

With great Respect

& Regard—very Truly Yours

Alfred Huger

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