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Felix Robertson et al. to MVB, 17 June 1844

Dear Sir:---

The Democracy of Tennessee, acting through the Central Committee appointed by their State Convention, propose to hold a Mass Meeting at this place on the 24th of July ^15th Aug^ next. Their object will be, by an interchange of opinions and feelings, to animate each other in the great struggle which they are making in order to bring back the government to its republican track by the election of Polk and Dallas, and save the country from the dangers which threaten it if the leading measures advocated by Mr. Clay, and his federal associates, should be successful.

Your presence on the occasion would be gratifying to the friends of the Democracy of Tennessee, and could not fail to be useful. For this purpose, we have addressed you this note in their behalf, and shall be proud to be authorized to say that we will be favored with your company on the day mentioned.

Felix Robertson

J.J.B. Southhall

AJ Donelson

Timothy Kezer.

The stricken date is in unknown handwriting. MVB drafted a response on the recto and verso of the letter and envelope, part of which appears between the signatures of Donelson and Kezer.

Felix Robertson et al. to MVB, 17 June 1844
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 12 (5 March 1841-31 December 1844)