Benjamin Franklin Butler to MVB, 27 May 1844

B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Butler to MVB, 27 May 1844


My dear Sir,

I have only time to say, that our friends since Saturday have been indefatigable in their exertions, to sustain the timid, confirm the <anxious>, and “head” the treacherous, and that as Gilpin wrote you last evening, if we are not handcuffed & gagged by the 2/3 rule we shall nominate you on the 1st ballot. The adoption of that rule depends on Penna & Tennessee. If they stand firm as there is now to hope the majority of each delegation will (and which, of course, will save us the vote of each state on the question) the rule cannot be imposed on us.  But as I have not yet left my room, I have not heard what the night has brought forth, and plots & counterplots on the part of the various factions with which our opponents are divided, are conceived, & born & ended, here, with a rapidity & a frequency of which you can form no possible idea. If the 2/3 rule is forced on us, I think there <illegible> ^is a possibility^ that the Convention will come to no result, unless the rule is rescinded; for the feelings of the true men from Maine, New Hampshire, Mass. Ohio & N. York will be so strong & indignant, that they will ^probably^ adhere to their candidate so long as the rule lasts, and thus will compel those who forced it on the Convention either to rescind it, or to take the responsibility of breaking up the Convention.

Most truly yours

B.F. Butler

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