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B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Butler to MVB, 23 May 1844

My dear Sir,

I have your letter & am very glad you returned Mr. Wrights, one paragraph of which I shall read at our meeting tonight.

Being engaged in a <case> <in> Court, I have only seen one of the delegates who came in last night's boat (<illegible>[. . .] of <illegible>) he is true & warm.

The <illegible> <illegible> is <illegible>: I feel all will come right: plots or counterplots, treachery & treason notwithstanding.

I wish I could show you some Resolutions I <illegible> & an address I have <illegible> in hand, with the assistance of Tilden who wrote the excellent address adopted here, week before last. You must run the risk of our prudence. <illegible> I have full accounts <illegible> Mr. Wright <illegible> by today, of all the schemes at Washn & <illegible> for other parts; I shall <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> tonight.

Judge Fine (rightly designated in your letter) wrote me <illegible> the 21st "our prospects are improving. I believe every thing will go well". I shall read this tonight.

I cannot leave till tomorrow (Friday) P.M. <but> and shall then get a car I have <illegible> just <begun> to <open>, but as <George> <Mood> is my associate I can safely do it. This brings me to Balto. at dinner on Saturday.

     I have not had time to write you about your Texas letter; but now say, & prefer to say, while the matter is doubtful, that to have written that letter under the temptations to which you are exposed (such as only <illegible> a public man once in a Century) is a higher honor & a greater public service, than twenty elections, or twenty if there could be so many, to the Presidency, under ordinary circumstances; and this, be the <illegible> of our Convention next week, what it may, will be the Judgment not merely of Posterity, but of all <illegible> men of all parties even at the present hour. <illegible> it to cap the climax of your honor, by the exhibition of a contrast, Gen. Cass has written a letter which places him lower than the lowest of your competitors. But I have not time to say more than that.

I am, most

truly yrs,

B.F. Butler

My kind regards to your household & <best> to my dear Mary

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 12 (5 March 1841-31 December 1844)