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MVB to [Andrew Jackson], 23 March 1839

My dear Genl

Our friend Mr Polk will before this time have informed you of the reasons for abandoning for the present my intended tour. The first practicable moment will be embraced for at last paying my much desired visit to the Hermitage. When that will be must of course be more or less uncertain. <illegible> Affairs between Maine & New Brunswick will for the present at least be quietly disposed of. We should however look with no small degree of anxiety for returns from England & it will be my duty to remain here to receive them. I think I could satisfy you in five minutes that the provision for our friend Genl Armstrong spoken of in former letters viz the appointment of Maj or Genl in the army could not with propriety be made. Whatever can properly be done for him would be a course of great gratification to myself, as wlll because I think him to be a worthy and deserving man as because he is your friend. I have recommended your letter recommendation in his behalf to the favourable consideration of the Secty of War, who is I am quite sure as anxious to gratify you as myself.

     We have been kept uneasy here by a reported duel in which Major Donelson is supposed to have been a party but have come to the conclusion that the rumour is unfounded. N. Hampshire has done and Virginia is doing nobly. You will see that I have appointed successors to Van Rensselaer, J Skinner & Jones–postmasters at Albany, Baltimore and Washington. The work of purification or rather reform in the <ofice> <was> is my <harassing> but I hope to get it all right after a while. Remember me affectionately to all your Household & believe me to be

Most faithfully yours


MrGrundy has been making a very great speech

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 10 (1 January-31 December 1839)