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John I[saac] De Graff et al. to MVB, [c29] December 1837

To the President of the united states

As the commission of the Collector of the Customs at the Port of New York will expire on the fourth of march next, the undersigned beg leave most respectfully to recommend Jesse Hoyt Esquire of that City, as a gentleman, every way qualified to discharge the duties of the station, with vigilance activity and fidelity, and one whose appointment, we are persuaded will be acceptable to the community.

1. John I Degraff 11. J.T. Andrews
2. Albert Gallup 12. Jno. H. Prentiss
3. Bennet Bicknell  
4. James B Spencer 13. Thos. B. Jackson
5. W. Taylor  14. Zadock Pratt
6. Obadiah Titus 15. John Edwards
7. Wm H. Noble  16. Samuel Birdsall
8. Henry Vail  
9. ADW Bruyn 17. Jno. C. Brodhead
10. Hiram Gray  
18 J.C. Clark  
19. Abraham Vanderveer 23. A.P. Grant
20. Nathaniel Jones 24 J. Palmer
21. Arphaxed Loomis 25. I.H. Bronson
22. Govr Kemble    26. Henry A. Foster

New York Delegation

In Congress Recommendation

for Jesse Hoyt, as Collector

for the Port of NewYork

Dec 1837

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 8 (4 March 1837-31 December 1837)