William Cabell Rives to MVB, 18 November 1834

W[illiam] C[abell] Rives to MVB, 18 November 1834


My dear sir,

I wrote you a few days ago, to offer you my very hearty congratulations on the glorious & closing Democratic victory in your state, & also to give you my notions on the treatment of the French question. The letter was sent to the care of Mr. Cambreleng at New-York, requesting him, if you should not be there, to send it after you, wheresoever you might be. Apprehending however, that, if you should not be in New–York, an inconvenient delay might be incurred in the letter’s reaching it’s destination, I got my amanuensis, Mrs. Rives, to take a copy of so much of it as related to the French subject, that I might send it to meet you in Washington about the 20th inst., the period when you mentioned that you expected to be there. That extract I herewith send you, for whatever it may be worth. I have, heretofore, expressed to you my apprehensions that our interests might be suffering in France, from some unfortunate circumstances of a very delicate nature. Deeming it, however, important that, on a subject of such vital moment, every thing affecting the interests of the country should be known to one, who knows so well, as yourself, how to weigh the information communicated, as well as to make the most discreet & proper use of it, I send you, in confidence, two letters I have lately received from Mr. Beasley. Of one thing I am persuaded—that some vigour, as well as tact, must be put into the prosecution of our affairs in France.

I have no time, at present, but to repeat my cordial congratulations on your glorious triumph at home, & on the high standing it must give New-York & her sons in the confidence & esteem of the Democracy of the union. Mrs. Rives wrote you some days ago, & I enclosed her letter with mine to the address of Mr. Cambreleng. She joins me in the cordial salutations with which I

remain very truly & faith-

fully your’s


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