MVB to Andrew Jackson, 23 October 1834

MVB to [Andrew] Jackson, 23 October 1834


My dear Sir

I returned to this City from Columbia last Evng. By the enclosed you will perceive, as well, that our friend Rives, is getting to be quite confident of his own success, as, that he has fallen into the prevailing Error of the Virginian politician, who appear to be always on the look out for some rash act on your part—a fault of which it seems that no success on of your measures can entirely cure them.

How nobly have Penn., Georgia & New Jersey behaved. Really, you have more cause for self gratification than has heretofore fallen to the lot of any politician in this Country. Now if we can close up the concern with equal brilliancy the we will have nothing more to desire. I have not a doubt but we will do so. Their defeats abroad make the opposition here desperate & they will fight like devils & like devils too will they fall.

Remember me kindly to Majors Donelson & Earle & believe me

very respectfully yours


P.S. I shall write to Mr. Rives & endeavor to satify him that he is wrong in supposing that things can be suffered to remain as they stood last week


[In Andrew Jackson’s hand] The bills of the u.S. to be suspended from being recd in payment of public decision till it restores to the Treasury the [. . .] dividend, which it with [. . .] from it.

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