MVB to Andrew Jackson, 18 October 1834

MVB to A[ndrew] Jackson, 18 October 1834


My dear Sir

The active & sleepless motive of the opposition has led them to make an assault of unprecedented violence upon this very native County, in the belief that to succeed here would have a beneficial effect upon after movements. I am therefore here for two or three days. It is an old Federal County, but will I trust hold on to the faith in which it has acted for three or four years past. I send you a copy of the Argus, which contains some views upon the subject of our safety Fund Banks, that the publication of which in other states would I think be useful to the cause of truth. Will you please to read them yourself, and then have the goodness to ask Mr. Blair to republish them.

The enclosed letter is the first communication I have recd. from our quondam friend Hamilton since the commencement of hostilities in South Carolina. Although it is evidently not written for your eye yet I cannot better discharge my duty to all than by sending it to you, confidentially. It is very evident to me that the Genls feelings are undergoing a change. If you can consistently with what is due to the public & others advise Major Barry to make the appointment of Col. Cross no personal feelings will ^not I know^ prevent you from doing it. I know Col. Cross slightly and believe him to be the man he is described to be. He is an old friend of Mr Cambreleng who is I presume interesting himself in his appointment. I will not write to Major Barry, but will ask the favor of you to say to him, for me, what you think I ought to say.

Our triumphs in Penn. & new Jersey and particularly the latter have made the Bankites furious. If we can give the right finish to the war, I think they will be dead enough for all reasonable purposes. My confidence in our success increases, instead of diminishes with time. If the people could be left to themselves, I verily believe that we would have 50.000 majority. But you can form no idea of the extent to which the services of <illegible> have been <poured> into this State, nor of the <illegible> with which they are used. Hitherto our state Banks have been as active agt. us as any other interest, & whilst the opposition <illegible> men were making their 12 & 15 pr. Cent. they had the <address> to saddle all the odium upon the shoulders of the so called Regency. The article I send you was intended to strip the subject of this disguise, & make every tale to stand upon its own bottom. You cant imagine the sensation it has produced amongst the large Federal Holders of Safety Fund Stock. The panic amongst them is nearly as great as it was last winter. Our friends are determined to push the matter through without fear ^or^ favor.

Remember me kindly to your Household & believe me to be

very faithfully yours



Oct 18. 1834—

Mr VanBuren

enclosing Genl


Recommending P.M

For charleston S.C.


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