James Alexander Hamilton to MVB, 17 May 1834

J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton] to MVB, 17 May 1834


My dear sir.

<illegible> Two of the associates of the Times are willing to retire The other assents to the appt by the Party of an Editor to manage the Political Department & a competent person to take the direction of the <illegible> Dept At a meeting last evening it was decided that the Committee (Mr. H. Mr <illegible> & Mr. <A.mg>) should raise 15000$ by subscription* & that they should take other necessary measures to establish the paper. The whole will be <assigned> in trust to secure the character of the Press & the repayment of this Loan. If we can get a competent Editor we will do well Mr Reynolds is not considered as sufficiently strong Do you know Mr Smith Editor of the Onondaga Standard a Mr <Penn> Editor of the Louisville Gazette It is quite important that we should promptly get a strong man as if we do not do so the present paper will pull through and the amt required will not be raised

Yours &c in haste 

J A H 

*Document Marginalia:

[left-hand margin of p. 1]: *500 was subscribed by several of us

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