James Alexander Hamilton to MVB, 28 March 1834

J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton] to [MVB], 28 March 1834

Dear Sir

As the business of the next term of the Civil Court which commences in a monday week I do not wish to take the trouble to prepare myself if Price is to do so also. Therefore I should like to be informed whether it is probable his nomination will be disposed of or not before that term. We will gain the Election in this city Do you wish to <illegible> <illegible> <or> four thousands in <bets>? I am prepared to do so and as sure as I am <untrammelled> by office to do all that is in my power to secure that end.

The <illegible> it is <illegible> will change Hands <illegible> <and> Holland are endeavoring to raise money to purchase it several of us <have> <illegible> as a loan to be well secured $500 each 13000 is required cannot something be done through <illegible> by our friends at washington The paper is useless at Present & will fall through unless something is done as the gentlemen inform me who have <called> spoken to me on the subject

Yours &c


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