H. Leavenworth to MVB, 2 March 1834

H. Leavenworth to MVB, 2 March 1834

On[bo]ard S. Boat Kentuckian

Louisville & Portland Canal

Dear S[ir],

I have taken pains to ascertain the true state of our country in relation to its currency, and public opinion. The result I will state to you fully & freely, believing that you Know me well enough to Place precisely what confidence in my statements they may deserve. I must be brief.

There is I assure you but one opinion generally speaking in the South or West as to the necessity of a national Bank of some sort, and ”right or wrong" [. . .]<illegible> a Bank they will have. [Un]less something can be done to restore confidence and set money in circulation it is my opinion that a material change will take place & Henry Clay stand a better chance for the Presidency than any other man. I have heard that a proposition was expected to be made by the U s Bank to take a charter for four years, any other Bank to be chartered in the mean time. If you can consistently favor this plan & thereby relieve the pressure your success is certain I wish for both most sincerely.

With entire respect

yr ob. Sert

H. Leavenworth

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