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MVB to G[orham] A[kin] Worth, 28 February 1834

My dear Sir

Had it not been for the improvement in our social relations I would not have said to you what I about to say; & I would not even now, if I were not quite certain that it will be recd. in the proper spirit. You see the attempts which have been made, & are making all over the union to impress the belief that I am <involved> in consequence of the failure of Mr Knower. No sooner is one story put down than they get up an other. Now it so happens, that I am not on any mans paper, that I owe no man any thing, except the M. & Fs.’ a few dollars for ready money in anticipation of <this> & that <illegible> is due to me for interest; and that I am under no pecuniary responsibility for any human being, (a slight one for my son excepted) unless it be for you. It would be agreeable at some time, & may become desirable that I should authorize this to be said. Now what I want you ^to^ inform me of, is whether or not, I am still on your ^official^ Board; & if so, whether or not, it will be perfectly agreeable & convenient for you to substitute some other of your friends in my place. You must deal <perfectly> frankly with me in this matter, & if there is the slightest objection to it, think no more of this matter ^it^, & be assured that I will not. If I notice this subject at all I should like to make clear work of it, & that is the only motives which has reduced me to write this letter.

Remember me Kindly to Mrs Worth & believe me to be

very cordially yours


Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)