Rufus Bacon to MVB, 24 February 1834

Rufus Bacon to MVB, 24 February 1834

Dills Ferry, P.a.


I have the Honor to enclose to you, by the direction of a meeting held on the 22nd a copy of a set of Resolutions, then adopted. You will perceive by them, that the Democratic spirit is not extinct in P.a. I am to enclose a Copy to the President also. I must beg you to accept them, as the <illegible> offering of a small neighborhood, pure in its politicks, & stron in the support of them. They are purely Democratic; & the question has been asked, how <illegible> Senator McKean, sits <illegible> under the eye of the V. Pres’dt. I can less <easyly> answer that, than we can why he is placed <illegible> in the U.S. Senate.


Yours &c &c. &c

Rufus Bacon

P.S. You will perceive that we are slow in our operations; but you may be satisfied; that are true; It would have been more <Courtly> that you should have had printed Copies of our resolutions. But you do not require to be reminded that not far distant from us, lives a man, who left the Presdts Cabinet at the time you did. He will shortly be politically demolished here as he was at Washington. Our press will speak in a few days. The inaccuracies of the Copy you please charge to Candles & weak eyes.

Respectfully Your’s &c

R. Bacon

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