MVB to Jesse Hoyt, 19 August 1833

MVB to Jesse Hoyt, 19 August 1833

Saratoga Springs

Dear Sir:

I return your Mr. B.’s letter. I have never doubted his personal friendship for me. I would always have been happy to do him good, but I cannot directly or indirectly afford pecuniary aid to his press, and more particularly so as I am situated at the present moment. If he cannot continue friendly to me on public grounds and with perfect independence, I can only regret it, but I desire no other support. Whatever course he may pursue, as long as it is an honest one, I shall wish him well. He does not understand the relation between the Editors he quarrels with and myself, or he would not complain of me for their acts. They are as independent of me in the management of their papers, as I wish him to be, and remain. I had intended to have said thus much to him, but the          , your letter, and the evident tendency of his paper, render it preferable that I should not. I did suppose that he would have found no difficulty in obtaining money in New York as others get it, if our friends in Philadelphia could not all-together make out to sustain one press. If you happen to meet him I wish you would make these explanations to him, BUT KEEP THIS.

I am, in haste, your friend,


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Printed in Mackenzie, 245.