James Alexander Hamilton to MVB, 22 November 1833

J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton] to MVB, 22 November 1833

New York

My dear Sir

My coachman desires me to say respectfully to you that his wife will not permit him to go with you to Washington and also that he has seen a pair of Horses 16 hands high, bob tails, Handsome, sound, & represented to be 4 & 5 years old the price 600 Dollars & that they will be brought to the City to be shown to you when you are here So much for the Horse <concern> and you and <illegible> for myself & <illegible>.

I did not give you a satisfactory answer to your question of why I intended to sell my horses; and because I had not then made up my mind to do what I have done. I have written to the President to say that my ill health & Physicians advice concur in admonishing me that I ought not to continue much longer to perform the duties of my office but that I ought to go abroad & requesting him to give me an appointment in Europe I have mentioned Naples & Lisbon To the former I think there is no appt ^chargé <illegible>^ to the latter I think there ought to be a change should Pedro be successful. Mr Brent has been there a very long time & I believe it is understood to be advantageous to the relations of an the <Country> upon a change of Govmnt to send a new representative There is more in this view than It is necessary for me to explain in part resulting from the fact that Pedro's government is understood to be constitutional & <illegible> The reasons for this request are 1st That I have such sufficient means ^Income^ to sustain my family abroad and Second & Principally That if I resign after the attacks made upon me by the Post or Paper devoted to the support of the administration & your Election It will be believed that I have done so to avoid being removed; or disgraced ^to^ which I am sure you & the President would never permit me to be <subjected> I have asked the lowest grade of Diplomatic appointment because I am sincerely desirous not to <illegible> embarass my friends & I believe this will not do so. I have stated to the President that no person would be <more> agreeable with my <initiative> but you beside himself my wife & Elisa & so the matter now & will continue I assure you to Stand I have informed <in> the Spring <is> a period as early as would be necessary for me to depart If I go: I need hardly say That I will be grateful to hear from you on this subject

Yours &c &c


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