Andrew Jackson to MVB, 19 November 1833

Andrew Jackson to MVB, 19 November 1833



My dear Sir,

I expected to have written you yesterday by Mr. Butler, but really had not time. Mr Butler reached here Saturday evening recd. his commission which was made out ready for him, sworn into office on monday morning, signed & examined all the Patents necessary, dined with me with the heads of Departments, and left the City on the 9 oclock Stage for Baltimore. This is dispatch. He has left us all favorably impressed with his amiabity & fine talents. I again repeat, providence always directs things for the best.

Mr. Gordon (collector of Neworleans) is now here. From testimonials submitted Mr Slidel has imposed upon the Secretary of the Treasury & myself in his recommendation of an appraiser for the Port of N. Orleans, the man had been suspended as an inspector for intemperence twice & then permitted to resign. This is charged to be in the knowledge of Mr. Slidel. It is stated further by Mr Gordon that Slidel, Nicholson & Grimes are all colhoun men and nullifiers. Therefore it is that they are in favor of Genl Overton, and he asserts that they all three are your and my bitter opposers at all their elections. Gordon says the friends of the administration will send Mr Walker to the Senate, that Genl overton cannot be elected.

Knowing that you had a favorable oppinion of Mr Slidel as well as myself this letter is written to put you on your guard of this man, that you may not break your shins over stools not in your way, and that you may be guarded in any communications you make ^may^ happen to make with him.

There are many members of congress arriving. Benton is here with his family in high spirits.

I have been yesterday & to day very much <illegible> with a violent head ache. Major Donelson is again on his legs & joins me in kind regards, Mrs. D. is still at Baltimore, Col Earle is gone to bring her home. I must close with my best wishes for your health & prosperity

Andrew Jackson

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Printed in CAJ, 5:226-227 (excerpt).