MVB to Andrew Jackson, 28 September 1833

MVB to [Andrew Jackson], 28 September 1833


My dear Sir

I have mentioned Mr Taneys wish in respect to the additional Bank & ^to Mr Cambreleng &^ requested him to confer with his associates in Congress from this City, & invite Mr T. upon the subject. I have no choice, & do not think that any very great mistake can be made in the matter. Mr. James of this City, a Director of the National Bank is now at Washington. He is a sincere friend of the administration & a highly respe

I am Dr Sir in

great haste yours


P.S. I have seen something of Col. Canonge of New Orleans a member of their state Legislature, & as I understand a man of very considerable influence. He brought you a letter from Genl Dawson. He wishes to be employed as auctioneer to sell certain property in dispute Between the Government & City if a sale takes place, & I have promised to speak a word to you in his behalf. Will you have the goodness to send a message to him upon the subject through Mr Grimes expressive of what you can or cannot do. He is <illegible> appears to be enthusiastically attached to you.

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