John Forsyth to MVB, 4 August 1833

John Forsyth to MVB, 4 August 1833


My Dear Sir

I spoke to you in New York your desire to change the footing upon which I stood with the President relative to the Russian Mission. Further reflection has confirmed this desire & <illegible> to ask the favor of you to say to the General in your first letter, than I wish him to consider that matter in the same light as if it never had been <stirred>. When a vacancy opens at St. Petersburg, if there is anything in the state of affairs which induces him to wish me particularly to go, then I shall feel of course complimented by the offer of the appt. & what I desire is that it should be understood that I am to have the offer. If my explanation of the change in my wishes should be thought called for, you can say that I have thought better of my own position & of the state of affairs in Georgia. I shall <illegible> the opposition which has been got up against me, then say I am <illegible> for publick confidence I shall go home <illegible> the <illegible> <illegible> my <illegible> <illegible>.

Very truly yours

John Forsyth

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Enclosed in Andrew Jackson to MVB, 8 August 1833.