Andrew Jackson to MVB, 30 July 1833

Andrew Jackson to MVB, 30 July 1833

Rip Raps

My Dr. Sir,

I enclose a copy of the hasty reasons prepared at the close of the last congress for my withholding my assent from Mr. Clays Land bill. I got the major to copy it. I have not had time to combine the additional remarks which have occured to me to have much force & may be added. I am busy, all my working hours, reviewing the Bank question, and the propriety of removing the deposits on the incorporated Banks of the states proposing, and shewing a safe system by ^and thro^ them, by which our fiscal concerns can be well managed—a strong case can be made out. So soon as I get thro, I will send it to you for your review, & frank criticism upon it, which I trust you will do with your usual ability & frankness. In the mean time I shall expect your review and criticism on the paper inclosed, with such additions as may suggest themselves to you.

I have been here three days. I think my general health has somewhat improved, altho my feet and ancles have swollen more than usual. Jackson has been quite sick-he is better. The rest of my household enjoy health & unite with me in kind salutations.

The Major and Genl McComb leave here to day via Richmond v.a. for washington, and the Delaware sailed this morning at 6, and is just out of sight with a fair wind. I hope Mr Livingston will get off soon. He ought to have been at paris six weeks ago.

Write me often, fully, & freely, upon those subjects submitted to you. I hope it is well founded. What you say on the subject of Judge Duval, but Jefferson said, “judges seldom die, & never resign,” I hope this may be an exception from the general rule.

yr friend

Andrew Jackson

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Printed in CAJ, 5:144-145.