John Forsyth to MVB, 25 July 1833

John Forsyth to MVB, 25 July 1833


My dear Sir

I do not know who Mr Hatfield <is> & of course I know nothing about the office he vacated. If it is a good thing I seriously rejoice that you are <moving> <illegible> <illegible>hing behalf <illegible> but hope you will succeed. I found him as I came to the <illegible> in good spirits but rather <illegible> with <illegible> of your <City> politicians who had been instrumental in deterring our friend Marcy from providing for him. If he does well now, however, I am sure he will be placable & like a good fellow, <illegible> & <forgiven>.

My northern visit was rather uncomfortable & I could scarcely help laughing at myself when I found my doctors bill & sojournment at Saratoga just sufficient to swallow up my last <illegible> check on Uncle Sams Treasury. I find company terribly expensive & believe I shall have to <illegible> <illegible> wishes in order to <save> cash.

I shall give <Wayne> a <hint> whatever <illegible> may <illegible> in his <illegible>, in our state the divisions are on <illegible> not principles. It is a <illegible> <illegible> that <Genl> Clarke & Wm. H. Crawford thought a general <illegible> much more alike than Wm. H. & Col Troup.

I am here on business <illegible> the <illegible> for a short time. <illegible> Jr left here before I arrived. In our <illegible> matters you could have served me <with> <Mr> <illegible>. He is trying to make a <illegible> before with the <illegible> greatly with annoyance <illegible> of my Georgia friends who have been <illegible> reservations of good land <illegible>. I wrote the old Genl. a long letter which I hope will induce him at least to see them repaired &c &c if it does deter him from <bothering> himself & the <Genl> country to the wishes of the <Indians> into their individual reservations.

My movement for the <illegible> will depend upon the result of my <illegible> with your Albanians. If it goes on, as I hope it will, I shall be in Albany at the first meeting of the company of <illegible> & that will be probably in August. If the <sentiment> is abandoned I shall go to Georgia in two or three weeks & remain till fall.

My wife has suffered a great deal with a Rheumatic affliction in her shoulder, she is <illegible> <illegible> again, <illegible> is better & my <illegible> well except a <bad> hand. The <illegible> is well <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> <illegible>

With my best remembrances to <Counsellor>

John I am very sincerely <yours>

John Forsyth

P.S. I shall like to hear occasionally how the world <illegible> at Saratoga.

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