Andrew Jackson to MVB, 25 July 1833

Andrew Jackson to MVB, 25 July 1833


My Dear Sir,

The confidential letter which accompanied yours of the 22nd instant, and this moment received, I herewith return.

With the lady who has written it, I am unacquainted, and I have not therefore the means of estimating the value of the honor she has done ^me^ by so unexpected a declaration of her attachment. Whatever, however, may be her <illegible>, ^virtues^ I could make but one answer to any partiality they could form for me, and that is, that my heart is in the grave of my dear departed wife, from which sacred spot no living being can recal it.

In the cultivation of the sentiments of friendship which are perhaps rendered more active by the loss I have sustained I trust I shall always be able to produce suitable returns for the favor of my acquaintances: and if therefore I ever meet this lady I shall hope to satisfy her that I appreciate as I ought her kindness, tho I cannot for a moment entertain the proposition it has led her to make.

I am very truly yours

Andrew Jackson

P.S. I wrote you yesterday, I shall expect your frank opinion on the subject to which I refered, and as early as convenient. A.J.


Enclosure: Louisa Caroline Huggins Tuthill to MVB, 2 July 1833.

Note: Because this document is only a verified first-pass transcription, it and the document metadata may still contain errors.
Editorial Note:

Printed in CAJ, 5:144. Tuthill denied writing the 2 July 1833 letter attributed to her (see Louisa Caroline Huggins Tuthill to MVB, 8 August 1833).