MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 22 July 1833

MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] C[ambreleng], 22 July 1833


My dear friend

I cannot come up before Tuesday next & sincerely hope you may stay at P. so long. Nyork is shockingly disagreeable. I would not have remained there a week for the world. Will you do me the favor to provide quarters for me, according to your best discretion. I am the more particular about it, as I mean to remain until September. I must therefore have a room of some dimensions, with a fire place & an adjoining bed room. The one I occupied at the U.S. last <season>, <illegible> at the south and was, if my recollection serves me, a good one. Smith will be with me. The Major will I think come up, & John will be off & on. I must not be charged doub[le] because I want two rooms but am willing to make ^a^ reasonable allowance. These boys run me so hard that I must look out for number one. You can well decide whether I had better stay at the U.S., or ^at^ Congress Hall. If things were not under the same <illegible> <illegible> now, I would not have the former. As it I am indifferent about it, so that I am as well provided for as I ought to be for so long a time. ^Speak to Mr Westcott also of it^ We go to Hudson & Kinderhook in the Morng & return on Friday. Let me find a letter from you here on my return. Dont get married before I get up & believe me to be

Very truly yours


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