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J[oel] R[oberts] Poinsett to MVB, 12 July 1833

My dear Sir

I was unfortunate after I parted with you and owing to an accident, which occurred to the steam Packet did not arrive in time to be present at the celebration of the 4th. The dominant party are quarrelling among themselves and if we can suffer them to manage matters their own way will doubtless tear each other to pieces. Col. Drayton took leave of his constituents on the <4th> and we are at a loss what course to pursue. To nominate me would be to reunite the whole <pack> <and> there can be no doubt <they> <illegible> they would concentrate all their powers to defeat my election. They hate me preeminently and I feel proud to have deserved all their animosity. They accuse me of misrepresenting the views of their party and the sentiments of the people of the state on the deck of the constitution, thereby acknowledging their mischievous designs to sever the union.

No one measure that I know of would contribute so much to give our party the ascendancy in the state as the establishment of a navy yard or naval depot in this harbour. The mechanics are now on the other side, this would win them over and the men employed there would be sufficient to regain the city, which would secure the state. I have given good and substantial reasons to the Secretary of the navy showing, that sound policy & good economy required such an establishment in Charelston and shall not weary you with a repetition of the arguments <illegible> in my report; but I earnestly entreat you to consider the subject and use your influence in favor of this measure. I am aware these men must ultimately fall; but it is important their influence should be destroyed before they succeed in getting ^up^ an excitement in the community about the slave question, or it will give us more trouble to appease their absurd doctrine of nullification.

I shall remain here throughout the summer in the hottest place morally & physically in Christendom.

Yours very truly

J.R. Poinsett

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)