Silas Coolidge McClary to MVB, 28 June 1833

Silas C[oolidge] McClary to MVB, 28 June 1833



In this section of country parties in politics are almost extinct The people are waiting to see from what Quarter of the political castle a Standard may be erected or as it were a <nucles> founded around which they may collect and unite

We are of opinion that a little exertion at this time Judiciously applied will yield an abundant harvest We therefore ask you confidentially Will you be a candidate for the office of President of the United States at the next election.

Have the goodness Sir to answer this and oblige three or four Gents who feel friendly to your interest and who if permitted will exercise their elective franchise as freemen and their influence as good Citizens to promote the same.

From a high sense of your <illegible> and in <illegible> I declare myself

Your obedient Servant

Silas C McClary M,D,

P S Should you come before the people it would be gratifying to many of your friends in this place should you name some person at Washington of integrity with whom I might correspond as occasion might require

S C McClary

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