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Lew[is] Cass to MVB, 15 April 1833

My dear Sir,

I was not aware, that you had gone, till I called to take leave of you. I am sure I shall find an excuse in your indulgence, as you know by experience the eternal pressure there is upon the heart and intellect of one, who is placed at the head of a department here.

Will you be good enough to have it explained to Mr Madison, in a proper way, the view I took of his case, and the necessity, under which I felt to postpone it till next year. I would not, on any account, have him suppose, it was owing to the want of appreciating his claims and character.

With great regard,

 I am, Dear Sir,

Sincerely yours

Lew Cass

Lewis Cass to MVB, 15 April 1833Lewis Cass to MVB, 15 April 1833
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)