John Church Hamilton to MVB, 3 March 1829

John C[hurch] Hamilton to MVB, 3 March 1829


New York

Dear Sir.

Since Noah has returned from Washington strong suspicions are entertained that he has been drawn over to the Calhoun Interest. It is with this view that Smith is so active to give him the Patronage of the Legislature. His language as repeated to me is expressive of doubts as to the propriety of accepting the State Department as tending to disorganize the Republican Party throughout the State. Engaged as you now must be with higher topics I hesitated whether to trouble you or not with this information. As corroborative of the suspicion of tampering with Editors I add the following. Coleman sent for me last Evening to advise him what to do. A Proposition has been made to get rid of him on a Pension or buy him out. I have advised him to do neither but purchase the other Interests which amount to $20000 & consolidate the whole. I am endeavoring to effect this object but fear it will be difficult to <compass> so large a sum. I do not of course expect you to risk your views on such a topic.

I suggested to Bowne & others the Idea of giving you a Public Dinner as you pass thro. they only doubt whether there will be time to make the proposal & receive the answer before your departure from the State. If you have leisure to drop me a line saying when you will be here. If we have <time> & you do not consider it inexpedient, I will have it done. I hope the Electoral Law & Bank System will have passed before you resign.

You will be molested excessively by office Seekers if they can get access to you on your route. daily enquiries are made when they can see you here.

I am Truly & Respy

Your Obt Sevt

Jno C Hamilton

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Printed in Friedenberg, 83.