MVB to James Auchincloss, c12 January 1829

MVB to [James] Auchincloss, [c12 January 1829]

Dear Sir

My intention in the portion ^part^ of the message you refer to was to submit the propriety of past prohibiting sales by retail <&> ^I^ was induced ^to do so^ by a belief that sales of that character were more <disposed> to fraud than when the amount sold was ^is^ of a nature to excite more care on the part of the purchaser. I consider the term "wholesale" as alike applicable to piece & package sales & did not mean to express any opinion upon the point as to the extension of the restriction whether the sales should be confined to the latter or not; considering ^it^ most proper to <leave> that where the whole must be left to the ^sound^ discretion of the Legislature. I have shewn the regulations you suggest to the Chairman of the Committee ^in the assembly^ & found him favourably disposed to at least a portion of them. Any suggestions upon that or any other part of the subject that you may think proper to address to the Legislature will I am persuaded be received in a literal & kind spirit <illegible> and acted upon with a single eye to the just rights & interests of all concerned. If you should prefer to make ^me^ the channel of communication. to the Legislature I shall (although for that is not necessary or ^nor^ usual) I shall cheerfully lay before them any ^the Legislature any^ memorial you may desire to have thus communicated.

Very respectfully your

obedent Sevt.

None who are more acquainted with the subject will be better able to judge how far it is necessary to go to effect that object. The word "wholesale" as I understand it applies as well to sales by the "piece" in some descriptions of merchandize as to those by the "package". It was not my intention, nor was the accession a fit one, to lay down a <illegible> rule upon the subject of the interest of the restriction which it would be proper to adopt. That as well as all the other details must be left to the sound discretion of the Legislature.

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