MVB to John Suydam, cDecember 1828

MVB to [John] Suydam, [cDecember 1828]

My dear Sir

I have rcd your letter and thank you sincerely for the many kind expressions of friendship it contains. Liberated as I am I should not think it proper to interfere in a choice which ^in a <illegible> of an affair which^ <devolves> <excessively> ^upon <illegible>^ as does that of ^<illegible>^ Attorney General <Kane> with <illegible> that there is no person less likely to desire such interference than Mr Butler. The question ^field^ is an ^fairly^ open one & the to all & will without be decided ^as it ought to be^ by the <illegible> judgment of the Legislature upon the <requirements> and qualifications of the offices candidates. In regard to the postponement of the <appointed> I am fully & positively assured that it was the spontaneous act of the members unsolicited by a Mr Butler or any of his friends in this City. Your letter gives me an opportunity which I gladly embrace to say that such being the case & in the information within your reach, it gave me sincere ^much^ pain to <learn> that yours had been very <illegible> free in the <illegible> of the <act> ^it^ to Albany management. I was grieved by it by the apprehensive <it as> that ^it^ evinced a willing ness on your part to avail yourself of a <prejudice>, always when applied to ^me in us^ my friends here illiberal and unjust,) without <taking> the least trouble to satisfy yourself as to the <fact>.

It gives me sincere pleasure to be relieved from this apprehension by your letter.

Your friend


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