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MVB to G[ulian] C[rommelin] Verplanck, W[illia]m Hogan, and A[zariah] C[utting] Flagg, 26 September 1828


The confidence reposed by the convention in my willingness to sacrifice all personal consideration to the claims of the republican party upon my services, has not, as I humbly hope, been misplaced.

Deeply sensible that I owe whatever of public consideration I may possess, to the favor of the republicans of New-York, and conscious of my inability to discharge the debt of gratitude that rests upon me, I have made it the rule of my conduct not to decline any station to which it may be their pleasure to call me. Being entirely satisfied with my present situation in the public service, and believing that I could be more useful in it than in the one of which my too partial friends think me worthy, it was my earnest wish that the Herkimer convention would select for their candidate some one of the great number of our fellow citizens more capable to discharge the highly responsible duties of the chief magistrate of this state. But that body, representing in a degree not hitherto surpassed, the character, talents and patriotism of the state of New-York, having determined otherwise, it becomes my duty to acquiesce in their decision.

Allow me to assure you, that I appreciate as I ought, the honor which the convention have conferred upon me, and am fully sensible to the kind manner in which you have been pleased to communicate the result of their deliberations.

With respect and esteem, your humble servant,


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Source: New York (NY) Evening Post
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