MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 17 December 1828

MVB to J[ames] A[lexander] Hamilton, 17 December 1828


My dear Sir

I have red. your letter & have done as you advisied in regard to my unknown correspondent. Make my best respects to Mrs. H. & say to her how much it grieves me that the message & nothing but the message deprives me of the pleasure of waiting upon her. It never occurred to me until yesterday whilst riding out on horseback (for we have delightful weather here) that it might be agreeable to you to obtain your fathers title of Col Hamilton through an appointment as aid to his Excellency. If so you have of course only to intimate it. I will associate you with two respectable men here & you will incur no expense or trouble of any kind, ^not^ for the present at least. I would not write to Lewis. Let them worry & fret & intrigue at Washington. Six weeks hence they will find themselves as wise as they were when they began.

If our friend wants admonishing & advising upon the point it would in the end be better for me that he had erred in the beginning. If he should come to Philadelphia it might be both <illegible> your duty to pay your respects to him considering the kind feelings he undoubtedly entertains for you.

Yours truly


Please to let your servant leave the enclosed in the Post Office

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