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MVB to [Gerrit W. Ryckman and James Hunter], 2 September 1828

The Daily Advertiser, having in some degree lent its countenance to the allegations, that a plan is, or has been on foot to obtain a repeal or modification of the law regulating a choice of electors in this state; and that such design has been intimated in one or more letters from Mr. Van Buren, to his friends in Kentucky; he is induced by the nature of the charge, and the general interest properly taken in the subject, so far to depart from his usual course, in relation to the accusatory articles which ordinarily grow out of our political conflicts, as to ask the editors of the “Advertiser” to correct the unfounded imputation. That Mr. Van Buren has frequently, in answer to enquiries from his friends in Kentucky, and elsewhere, expressed a confident opinion, that New York will give, at least, three-fourths of her electoral votes, to Andrew Jackson, is true; but that he ever intended to intimate that the existing law would be repealed or modified, or has said or written any thing from which such an inference could be drawn, or that he ever entertained, or expressed a desire to have any such change to take place, or that he has knowledge of any such design on the part of his friends, or any body else, is wholly untrue.

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Source: New York (NY) Evening Post
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