MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 1 October 1828

MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] Cambreleng, 1 October 1828

My dear Sir

I was as much distressed as you seem to be about the Resolutions. But you will see by the Argus that they have come to light. Webster cant meet me before about two weeks when I will be with you & remain until after the election.

In the mean time think of Bowne. It would be a soon to be forgotten shame if the City of Newyork should be the only spot in the state that neglects the men who have been exposed to great persecution for taking a stand which the City more than any part of the state pressed upon them.

Yours cordially


P.S. If a coat comes from Philadelphia to you care for me please to send it up forthwith. The address excites great & desired applause. 

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