MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 16 September 1828

MVB to James A[lexander] Hamilton, 16 September 1828

My Dear Sir:

The letter is excellent without the last sentence, but that, as my name is mentioned in it, may give occasion for ill-natured criticism. Send it to me again as soon as you can, as I want to transmit it without delay. I think it would be better to leave out my name altogether, and say, "Your letter, seeking information as to the character of General Jackson, has been transmitted to me by your friend, with a request that I would reply to it." This reference was probably judged expedient and proper from, etc.; and still leave out the last sentence, as it is political, etc.

Yours, truly.

P.S. Does the old gentleman have prayers in his own house? If so, mention it modestly.

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