MVB to Charles Butler, 13 September 1828

MVB to C[harles] Butler, 13 September 1828


My dear Sir

I approve the mode of separate letters any way in which you can bring properly before the present incumbent the wishes & feelings of the West. I had a full conversation with <Bowman>. Perhaps it may be as well not to refer particularly to the fourth District but to speak of the subject more generally. The importance of <taking> out of the mouths of our enemies the argument founded upon a <neglect> of the West is of itself conclusive. The eastern delegates will have great notions upon the Subject. Mr Livingstons own name has been spoken of & it may therefore not be best to write to him, but you can judge of the propriety of writing a discreet letter to your father saying ge very generally what you <illegible> the <West> think<s>. Remember me to Mrs B.

Yours truly



Mr <illegible> to bring the wishes of the West before the present incumbent?

Asked to write a discreet letter

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