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MVB to [Edward] Everett, 9 September 1828

Dear Sir

Being absent when your favour reached here & having been so almost ever since I have not before had an opportunity to acknowledge my obligation for your kind ness. I assure you with great sincerity that I have read your last 4th of July address with profit and delight, as the truth will not permit to say any thing on the score of politics that will be agreeable to you. I mean as to probable results in this quarter, I will not harass you with my speculations. You must purpose to make the best of a bad concern. My son John has some idea of visiting Boston from NewHaven when he graduates this week, & I have given it in charge to him by no means to avoid visiting his old friend Mrs. Everett & Miss Brooks. Do me the favour to remember me most kindly to them. Say to Miss Brooks, that my gratification at our anticipated triumph would be greatly diminished by the apprehension that it might dampen the festivities of her bridal winter, were I not well satisfied from my knowledge of her character that she will look, (as she well may), for happiness to more enduring sources <viz> the excellent qualities of her intended husband.

Hoping that my friend Mrs. E & all the Misses [. . .] are in good <health> of <illegible>

Your friend & hble Sevt


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Source: MHi Massachusetts Historical Society
Collection: Edward Everett Papers (MHi)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)