MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 8 September 1828

MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] Cambreleng, 8 September 1828


My dear Sir

Your list is excellent. I have not the slightest doubt that you would write the address as well as any body, but it wont do. The whole country is yet greatly Tarriff & your bad name would ruin it. It is as much as we can do to carry you & VerPlanck & Johnson yourselves. We are troubled about it but must <draw> up somebody from the Country to do it. You will have the most respectable convention that has ever been assembled in the state.

I have no news, for it is not <safe> to say that we shall beat him all hollow & in all directions. I dont think you could make a bet in the state that would be foolish. You have neglected your duties on that committee. We stand much in need of that sort of aid. I hear you are yet hanging <suit> on Brewer street. Is this so?

Let me hear from you & believe me to be

Very truly yours


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