MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 6 September 1828

MVB to J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton], 6 September 1828


My dear friend

I hope sincerely that this will find you quite recovered. Upon the subject to which you refer I have only this to say—for reasons which will be satisfactory to you when I have an opportunity to give them, it would not be safe for me to have any such dealings for with you now & as there may be loss & certainly trouble I cannot advise you to embark in it. I think I will be able to satisfy you when I see you that I have considered this matter in all its <bearings> & come to the right conclusion.

Write an answer to the enclosed in your best style. Say that I have sent his letter to you & have requested you to sup answer it. Shape it so that you would not be displeased to see it in print, for such thing will happen although it probably will not in this case & by all means get one of the young ladies to do me the favour to copy it so that it may be <read> which will not otherwise be practicable. Let me hear from you soon. When can I expect a remittance? Remember me kindly to Mrs H & the family. Bet upon Kentucky Indiana & Illinois jointly if you can or any two of them.

Yours cordially


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Editorial Note:

Printed in Hamilton, Reminiscences, 79 (excerpt).

The original copy contained, Matthew Warner to MVB, 4 September 1828.