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Matthew Warner to MVB, 4 September 1828

Dear Sir

I take the Liberty to address you the subject of the presidential Election as we have no paper printed in this county in favour of General Jackson Much has been said against his morral carracter, and as ^I^ feel much Interested in his favouer I should be glad of all the Information I can get, it has been told to me by some of our friends that Mr Jackson is a good morral and pious man and is joined to some Critian Church and I know of no pearson who could give me more information on the subject then your Self If you will Sir be so good as to drop a Line to me by mail on the Subject or any other political Information that you can give ^you^ will much oblige your Old friend and Huml Servt

Matthew Warner

This letter was forwarded to James Alexander Hamilton, see, MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 6 September 1828. 

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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts, V (NHi)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)