Andrew Jackson to MVB, 23 June 1828

Andrew Jackson to MVB, 23 June 1828


Dear Sir,

Permit me to present to your acquaintance and friendly attention the bearer, Major Henry Lee, who was lately in the army of the United states, and is the son of Col Henry Lee of the Revolution to whom history has awarded such high honor.

Major Lee is travelling for the benefit of his health, and also for the purpose of acquiring further information on the subject of the late war, a history of which he has already commenced, and seems to be prosecuting with great ability and Justice. You will find him a Gentleman of fine intelligence, and highly qualified by education and taste for a work of this character.

Allow me, Sir, to solicit for him your aid in the collection of any facts that may be connected with the subject of this enquiry; and assure you that any civilities which you may think proper to bestow upon him will be gratefully acknowledged by Sir,

your very Humble Servt.

Andrew Jackson

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