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[MVB] to [William Coleman], 4 April 1828

Mr Van Buren takes pleasure in presenting Mr. Coleman (for whose judgment he has much respect) with a copy of some observations recently made in the Senate of the U. States. Mr. V Buren is aware of the extent to which his views will clash with pre-conceived opinions on the last part of Mr C. but he is nevertheless confident that they will be considered with liberality. If Mr C. could, so forever short a period, have a peek behind the curtains he would be made sensible that that the only chance for the perpetuity of exciting institutions depends upon the preserved region & constant watchfulness of the State Government that from the proneness on the part of agents so far removed from the people to <word> ^& other causes^ there is not at this moment sufficient honesty in the administration of this Government to keep decent men in countenance, & that we are idebted for the little that remains to constant apprehension of rebuke & resistance from the States. A better opportunity could not arise than that presented by the abuses of this <illegible> administration for those who have so long been under the <word> of public opinion to cut loose from sentiments which have fallen so far behind the march of events & no are likely to be so discordant with the temper of the times. If proof is still wanting of the fallacy of the once prevalent owner, that the danger to the scheme consisted in the weakness of the head & strength of the members, take the striking part, that the present Chief Justice of the proudest & largest State in the Confederacy is at this moment a candidate for a subordinate place in the Treasury Department of this Government, a place to which Clerks conceive themselves entitled by succession & to which none but third rate men here would aspire.

Printed in Hamilton, Reminiscences, 77.

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Source: NN New York Public Library
Collection: Martin Van Buren Letters and Documents, 1814-1858 (NN)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)