MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 7 April 1828

MVB to J[ames] A[lexander] Hamilton, 7 April 1828

My dear Sir

I yesterday requested you to get Mr Coleman to shew you a note I sent him with my observations. Since that I have seen a letter from him to Mr Cambreling from which it appears that he has very mistaken views upon the subject of the choice of electors.

I have drafted a letter for Mr. Cambreling to write to him upon that subject. See both & at the same time suggest to him the propriety of not mentioning the circumstance of either note as the adversary would make a great handle of the matter if they Knew it. His good sense will have suggested that however, before you see him. Old prejudices cannot be trifled with. You will see <illegible> Gales last weak attempt to excite jealousy in our ranks this morning.

Your friend


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Editorial Note:

Printed in Hamilton, Reminiscences, 77-78.