MVB to Nathaniel Pitcher, 31 March 1828

MVB to N[athaniel] Pitcher, 31 March 1828


My dear Sir.

If the name of James A Hamilton Esq should be presented to you for the office of Judge in N York I wish to say in his behalf that I believe him fully competent to the discharge of the duties of the place with credit to himself and usefulness to the public. That he is a Gentleman of good standing in the profession in politics sound & devoted to the cause.

It will be a source of great satisfaction to me to learn that you had found it consistent with your rules of the Public Interest to appoint him. Although at all hours ready to do and contribute he has never in a single instance abandoned his claims upon the party in the manner in which converts too frequently do and he will not now come forward unless his appointment is recommended by the Republican Genl Committee.

With respect your friend

M V Beuren

A true copy


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