MVB to Charles Gerrit DeWitt, 31 March 1828

MVB to [Charles Gerrit] DeWitt, 31 March 1828

My dear Sir

I have been prevented by continued indisposition, from which I am not yet entirely recovered, from answering your letter before. Enclosed you will find a small contribution from some of our friends to enable you to circulate your useful paper among the poor & needy. Twenty five dollars was contributed by Gov Kemble at his own solicitation, the subject having been broached to him by Mr Ward. There is no possible objection to your putting Jackson & Calhoun at the head of your paper – There will be no other Candidate for the Vice Presidency. I will send you in a few days a speech I <illegible> some time since touching pretty fully upon the Subject of Parties & vindicating the decision of the Vice President which I hope you will think useful. The Gov. question cannot be moved in to advantage at this moment

Your friend


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