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MVB Senate remarks on land claims, 25 March 1828

Mr. VAN BUREN proposed to amend the bill, by striking out the words placing the duty of appeal in the hands of the District Attorney.

*    *    *

Mr. VAN BUREN said that he was not entirely satisfied. The original bill gave the right of appeal, and in some cases made it imperative. He thought the present bill, in its general features, bore promise of being effectual in attaining its object, and he was, therefore, favorable to it. But, he wished that it might be made imperative to refer all cases over a certain amount, say 10,000 acres, to the Supreme Court. He did not wish to delay the bill, and hoped it might now be amended in this manner.

*    *    *

Mr. VAN BUREN observed, that this was a bill of great importance, and one which, he was happy to perceive, the Senate were disposed to act upon. As this subject had already cost the Government more than the advantage which they should ever derive from it, he would move to lay the bill upon the table, that the amendments proposed, and the object of the bill, might be better understood.

His motion was agreed to.

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Source: <em>Register of Debates</em>
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)