Josiah Pomeroy to MVB, 27 February 1828

Josiah Pomeroy to MVB, 27 February 1828


My D Sir

I Must again Call your attention to the Momentous question that is now I perceive before Congress & the manufacturer bill so Called in my Last Letter i Stated that thier Was Serious objections to the bill & gave my reasons also Stated as i <invariably> have done that the present duty Was ample protection properly Secured at the Same time however I Mean to be understood that the raw Material Must be obtained by the American manufacturer at as Cheap a rate as the english obtain it otherwise We cannot Manufacture Woollen goods if you advance the duty on Wool you It is Necessary that in the Same proportion that you augment the duty on the Manufactured article, in the report made by the Committee on Manufacturers they State that from the best information they Could Obtain a yd of, Cloth Can be Manufactured as Cheap in this Country as in england How they may have gathered the fact as Set forth I am unable to Say that they are under a Mistake i am Certain we Cannot Make a yd of Cloth In this Country, as cheap as the english. Nor do I believe We Shall be able too For a Number of years you will see in the Statesman Newyork Statesman February 15th a fair Statement on of facts as respect the prices between the two Countries The per Centage however i should believe Large the <Arbiter> Cannot be thoroughly acquainted With the Actual difference but Sir it is far greater than is generally Supposed & i Consider the Writer upon the whole nearly Correct you Will therefore be Satisfied that the Committee are honestly incorrect in that part of their report when they State from information the belief of our being able to Manufacture a yd of Cloth as Cheap as Can be done in england Now Sir I do not Expect a Legislator it means to favor the Merchant or Manufacturer but Will Look To the interest of his Country by so doing I m[ust] believe he Will plainly see ^the^ benefit of protecting the industry of the Country your expression Sir I believe is amply Sufficient to Satisfy you of the Fact that industry Well applied properly protected is the sure road to Wealth my Letter to yourself & <Mr> Cambrelling the Last Session of Congress <illegible> the date Written under the belief that a revision of the tariff Would be necessary farther than I stated but Sir facts have Since satisfied me that a revision is Necessary but Let me entreat you to <in> your endeavour To Serve the Manufactured <artisan> or rest assured the bill Will Not answer the purpose intended my Last letter on the Subject of placing the duty on Wool i believe correct. By all Means Let the duty on Wool be progressive & Not Common at a Specified Sum on the pound.

I am respectfully your

Obt Servt

Josiah Pomeroy

NB. I would prefer you increasing the duty on Wool to 40 per Cent progressively at 5 per Cent a year in preference to <fixing> it on the <illegible> but <Lessen> the Manufactured Article With the raw Material

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