Benjamin Knower to MVB, 27 January 1828

B[enjamin] Knower to MVB, [27 January 1828]

I duly consider the difficulties involved in this great question, and am fully aware of the strong predjudices of the of the southern people, arrayed in opposition to it, ^still^ I hope, that the republican members from this state will devise some means to overcome all these difficulties. If the vital importance the fate this bill will have, over our political as well as individual and publick welfare be considered, I cannot but believe their ingenuity will find something to allay the present violent hostility to it. And what contributes greatly to ^a^ belief that they will, is the pleasing information contained in your letter, that all our friends in congress from this state with the exception of the City of New York will yield their firm and vigorous support to a great ^and^ liberal tariff.

Believe me sincerely

your friend

B. Knower


Tariff & friendship & mischief making

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